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Why are global interest rates falling?

Over 2019, interest rates for a variety of fixed terms have been declining – a topic that is likely to be front and centre at Jackson Hole over the coming days.  The weird behaviour of interest rates is something that is causing some big name economists to rethink monetary policy – such as Larry Summers […]

Liquidity traps and unconventional monetary policy

With all this talk about a zero lower bound and unconventional monetary policy I was keen to refresh myself on “liquidity traps” – as I remember people chatting away about these when I was at university.  So what is a liquidity trap, how does it refer to what is going on now, and how can […]

Forward guidance and unconventional monetary policy in NZ?

Forward guidance and unconventional monetary policy I recently noticed that swap rates purchases were discussed as an unconventional monetary policy tool are discussed in Reserve Bank’s bulletin “Aspects of implementing unconventional monetary policy in New Zealand”. Namely, they state: “Purchasing interest rate swaps could be a way to signal that the Reserve Bank expects to […]

Why my work week should be shorter

People, who are in labour force, generally spend one third of their daily time at work. A lot of them find working five days a week quite stressful and there are various reasons for it. I often question myself how the counterfactual of my work-life balance might look like to keep me motivated at work […]