The Warehouse sale and Integrity

So we won’t know whether the Warehouse is going to be sold until the High Court releases the details surrounding its ruling and the Commerce Commission decides whether to appeal.  Ultimately I hope the decision to allow a sale had something to do with the halo effect ;).

Something that did catch my eye is Steven Tindall’s claim that he will act with integrity when selling his shares.  For the life of me I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about.  My guess is that he is going to pretend to sell to the the bidder who offers to keep the community spirit of the Warehouse going.  Although to be fair to the man, he is strongly involved in charity, and I’m sure he’ll keep a stake in the company he spent so long creating.

Can anyone tell me what they think Mr Tindell’s integrity will involve, and do you think this ‘integrity’ will have a price?