Flexibility and inflation targeting – the RBNZ discussion

According to the Rates Blog, Dr Bollard will be doing a speech on “Flexibility and the Limits to Inflation Targeting”.

I am looking forward to the speech – it is an important issue, and Dr Bollard and the staff at the RBNZ definitely know what they are talking about.

Generally I have shown myself to be an inflation hawk and passionate lover of inflation targeting (*) (*) – but I am looking forward to hearing the arguments provided in this speech, and will be more than happy to be proven wrong if that is the case 😉

I may write about the speech at some point – if there turns out to be anything of great interest in it.

Update: The speech was very good – I will comment tomorrow, another commentator is writing something tonight and I’m not a fan of having more than three posts a day on the blog 😉

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5 replies
  1. Matt Nolan
    Matt Nolan says:

    I will see what the RBNZ has to say before I comment on it. Trust me, they are far better economists then I am – which is why I have faith that they will look at the issue in an appropriate and balanced way.

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    daroamidole says:

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