Quality from the Dim Post

Truly, this guys satire is brilliant. I love the new post so much I have to stick bits of it up here 😛

Investors, economists and prominent businessmen have all praised the new economic plan unveiled by National Party leader John Key this weekend.

Key’s proposed strategy to kickstart the New Zealand economy was announced yesterday in a speech to local party members at the Winter Palace restaurant in Parnell. Key has promised that if elected the government will provide unlimited liquidity to banks and other major businesses in exchange for 100% equity.

‘A National government will buy out the mortgage of every property in New Zealand, both business and residential,’ Key said. The news was met with cheers of support from the enthusiastic crowd of National supporters.

Business Round Table Director Roger Kerr welcomed National’s new scheme. ‘It’s about time we ditched the tried and failed socialist ideas of the Labour Party and moved on as a country,’ Kerr said.

The last sentence made me laugh – alot 😛