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TVHE is a bunch of current and former Wellingtonians so, via The Wellingtonista, here is a map of how we voted down here.


Tom at The Wellingtonista has done an amazing job with the data so click the map to see a detailed breakdown by polling booth. Interestingly, the CBD is a haze of red, whilst the other ‘town’ area of Lower Hutt looks like a National voting zone. State housing areas around Naenae and Cannon’d Creek are vehemently for Labour, but the yuppie zones of Whitby and Oriental Bay vote National. National also got the farmers’ vote from Ohariu Valley, Whiteman’s Valley and Pauatahanui.

I guess the only thing that surprises me is how solidly the CBD is for Labour. I guess we are a bunch of lefty liberal types after all… sorry Goonix!

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  1. agnitio
    agnitio says:

    or the majority of the public service is in Wellington and the policy analysts voted Labour out of fear of losing their jobs?

    Haven’t made my way through Eric’s paper yet, but aparantly the ignorent are more likely to vote for labour too, not that I think you are ignorant Ruapraha;)

    Very interesting picture though. Having lived in Whitby way back in the day I wasn’t at all surprised to see that Porirura is heavily red and then suddenly it switches to blue in whitby

  2. goonix
    goonix says:

    Yep. All this shows is the bloating of the bureaucracy combined with self-interested voters.

  3. goonix
    goonix says:

    The only thing that surprises me is that you are surprised by these results. And please stop bastardising the use of the term liberal. 🙂

  4. rauparaha
    rauparaha says:

    I don’t think policy analysts lose their jobs with a change of government: they just get ‘restructured’.

    And I think the battle to stop ‘liberal’ being perverted has already been lost, sorry. At least insofar as most political blogs are concerned, anyway.

  5. goonix
    goonix says:

    Well hopefully after the Sir Roger Dougles-led razorgang have been through the public service the displaced will go and find jobs in the private sector and hence won’t need to vote to save their job in the future.

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