500th post, sort of

After seeing Adam Smith at the Inquiring Mind reach 2,250 posts here, I decided to check my own post number. I noticed that I hit 500 posts with this one.

As a result, I expect some beers from Rauparaha, Agnitio, and Goonix on Saturday 😉

This post is the 678th post on this blog overall. Note that we will be changing the format soon – so keep your eyes peeled 😛

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  • I already owe you beers for you brithday that I missed since I’m in Auckland.

    Maybe I should try and do 5 posts before the weekend so I hit 50 and you have to buy me beer too. Although given the different milestones I think there will still be a net flow of beer in your direction!

  • I am all about being a net importer of beer!

  • Congratulations Matt! Do you take IOUs from the jobless?

  • “Congratulations Matt! Do you take IOUs from the jobless?”

    I’m sure we can find some type of compromise 😉

  • You’re a scholar, gentleman and ballerina!

  • Only Keynes was all those thing my friend – I can dream

  • Jiani

    Well done Matt!!

  • Thanks you very much Jiani 🙂

  • Congratulations and thanks – you provide yet another excuse for work avoidance 🙂

  • Thanks Homepaddock 😀