Phoenix Perth 1-1

How did other people find the game last night.

I have to admit that it was probably the worst refing performance I’ve seen in my life – did the ref know that you weren’t allowed to touch the ball with your hand?  At first his calls were bad, but by the second half they were bad and inconsistent.

Now I don’t like to complain about the ref – but in this case it was atrocious.  Did anyone else feel that the ref was having a bad day or do you all think I’m being a big whiner 🙂

I’m not saying that he was biased – I did not think he was.  He was just all over the show.

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  1. DanT
    DanT says:

    I am less concerned at the quality of refereeing than I am about you watching Phoenix games… and caring.

    I mean… PHOENIX GAMES?!?!?!

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