CPI: Christmas Price Index

Even with indications that consumer price growth is falling quickly, we know that at least one CPI is rising fast – the Christmas Price Index!

In the US it appears that the price of the bundle of “Christmas goods” has risen by 8.1% over the past year.  My suspicion is that the New Zealand index would have risen even faster as our exchange rate has dropped like a stone in the past year.

Just to be clear, this index is made up of:

  1. twelve drummers drumming,
  2. eleven pipers piping,
  3. ten lords a-leaping,
  4. nine ladies dancing,
  5. eight maids a-milking,
  6. seven swans a-swimming,
  7. six geese a-laying,
  8. five golden rings,
  9. four calling birds,
  10. three French hens,
  11. two turtle doves,
  12. and a partridge in a pear tree.