Bleg: Nepal – what is it like?

Does anyone know what Nepal is like to visit?  Does anyone have any suggestions about places to visit in Nepal.

Any comments (relevant) welcome.

  • I went to only a small part of Nepal as the Maoist were rebelling at the time. now that they are in power things have calmed down a lot and should be safe to visit again. I think the Himalayas as a whole offers a lot in particular Nepal, Bhutan, sikkim. I think if you enjoy a bit of walking around an relaxation its perfect.

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    Sounds like you need to go to a book shop and browse the Lonely Planet section.

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    Sounds primo

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    Just wondering if any of our worldly visitors had anything to say 😀

  • SimonD

    Depends what you’re into really.

    I spent a month in Nepal, whitewater rafting down the Khali Khandaki and Bhote Khosi as well as some trekking around Annapurna and up to Everest at Kala Patar.

    If you have a long time, fly into Pokhara from Khatmandu (use Yeti Airways as they’re the safest)and do the Annapurna circuit. If you are on a shorter time frame, do the Annapurna Sanctuary with a dog leg out to Poon Hill.

    Either trip is magnificent and will blow you away. Don’t worry about organising a guide and porter before you go it will cost you a fortune and they’re a dime a dozen from Pokhara.

    Hope this helps

  • I think you should definitely go to “Poon Hill” Matt:P

    My maturity is definitely highly negatively correlated with my tiredness….

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    Awesome thanks 🙂

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    Maybe you should keep a record and make a graph …

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  • SimonD covered most here.

    Some local treks – you can undertake definitely –
    Everest base camp (longer) and Annapurna base camp (this one has treklets – smaller day version segments)

    visit pokhara lake hotel – stay is nice – should book in advance though. Keep this as the last leg – relax before heading back – got nice spa.

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    How objective is she though – will her payoff depend on how she monitors you in any way? Does she have any psychological biases or different beliefs in the definition of tiredness that could be a problem?

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