My recent addiction

Following today’s discussion on an addiction study I have realised that I must have an addition.

For the last 2 months I have been painfully addicted to a horrendous substance – not drinking (except for this one intervention that was staged about 3 weeks ago).

It has had all the negative impacts associated with addiction:

  1. It has visibly negatively impacted on my health – I have had the flu a few times after all,
  2. The longer I haven’t drunk the harder it has been to go out and drink (a sure sign of addiction, and in conjunction with funky discounting this could lead to time inconsistency),
  3. It has caused externalities (namely my complaining to other people).

All I know is that I’m personally concerned about this addiction, and I’ll be doing what I can to solve it tonight.  Even so, can the government really trust an irrational agent like me to drink enough?

Given this I think I need some government intervention.  How about the government subsidises my alcohol and the Law Commission pushes for the regulation of alcohol towards me.

Note:  The only parties I’m making fun of in this post are the government, the Law Commission, and myself (for not drinking for 9 weeks) – not any of the economic analysts.

And don’t try to convince me not drinking isn’t an addiction – I seriously have been struggling to break it!

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  1. dave
    dave says:

    Hopefullly people can get access to the help that they need. The government cannot regulate everything out of existance. Good luck with your recovery.

  2. turisuna
    turisuna says:

    Maybe it’s different here in my country, here government do not allow the stores sell alcoholic drinking, you only can find it at hotels or bar, so it’s not difficult to stop drink. I don’t drink and I feel healthier with this way.

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