Space mirrors, carbon permits, and global warming

Could it be.  Could technology save us from global warming through “space mirrors” and ” carbon absorbing rocks” (source).


In that case, should we not worry about pricing carbon.


Why?  Well, if it turns out that countries can cheaply get below the appropriate carbon producing targets with these technologies, then the price of carbon permits will collapse.  The price will adjust to capture this technological change.

As a result, we should keep running with a scheme to limit the quantity of carbon emissions (in order to avoid or limit the damage of a global warming event) and we should realise that technological progress will get captured in any price adjustment – in fact the very existence of such prices will increase the incentive for people to develop these technologies.

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  1. sofi
    sofi says:

    Space mirrors is a sci-fi solution that we will never see. If we really care about our children we need to act soon, and reduce our oil addiction.

  2. godaddy coupons
    godaddy coupons says:

    Actually, I think the real cause of global warming hasn’t been strictly and totally demystified. Very likely CO2 is not the real cause.We will see!

  3. Sue Woolfe
    Sue Woolfe says:

    To me the best idea would be unmanned aerial aircraft used to take carbon out the atmosphere. Maybe with BIG parachute type carbon collectors attached to them and all they do is fly around day and night collecting the carbon.

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