More good news for NZ!!

Guess what.  The EU subsidies on dairy products, introduced at the start of this year, are GONE.

Now US, step up to the plate and dump yours.  Or are we going to move into a situation where the United States is more protectionism than Europe …

  • Yes I think we are moving into a time when the US is more into protectionism. They admitted it with their ‘Buy American’ policy. As a result they are trying to import less.

  • StephenR

    Do they have tariffs though? I can never remember who’s got what.

  • @StephenR

    The US had a minimum price policy forever. However, they also reintroduced tariffs on dairy products in May – in “response” to the tariffs the EU introduced in January.

  • Is the for real?

  • NZ will be overwhelmed by this good news…

  • Great news for NZ. The US has always a fair economic policy.

  • I’m living in Japan now and was surprised to hear this news.

  • We will see about that but why not?!

  • steve

    what do you expect with a democrat govt?

  • @steve

    “Hope” 😛