1000 posts

It seems I’ve done over 1000 posts in about 34 months.

I must have written a lot of crap – my apologises to everyone that get forced into reading it 😉

I would pick a favourite post, but I can’t remember what I’ve written about.  I view the blog as a tool for two things you see:

  1. A collection of my opinions at points in time so I don’t have to remember them – I can just look them up and “refresh” my ideas.
  2. A place where I can get feedback on my analysis of a situation – so you guys are really teaching me stuff.

Anyway – thanks for catching me out on the many occasions when I’ve said dumb stuff 😀

Update:  Actually, my favourite posts were the Sweeney Todd ones (first and second) – I decided this after talking to my boss about movies.  However, I have now realised I don’t know what my favourite movie is :/

  • Congratulations and thanks for the interesting reading.

  • @Homepaddock

    Thanks 😀

  • StephenR

    Well done to you. Would be like to see more exposure considering how topical posts are, but one must accept that economics-ese is not as accessible as one would like.

  • @StephenR

    Thanks StephenR.

    “Would be like to see more exposure”

    I’m not getting naked for the blog – no matter how much traffic it generates. I think this is a moral position that you can appreciate 😉

  • Congratulations! Posting consistently on a blog takes alot of hard work, dedication and constantly searching for fresh ideas. Keep up the good work I enjoy reading your posts.

  • @Body Magic

    I strongly suspect you are spam – but I do love compliments. Thanks.

    However, I’d rather reshape my body with exercise than with a body fitting shirt sorry – it isn’t personal, it’s just how I roll 😀

  • Congratulations from a real, genuine human Matt! 😀

  • RentAMob has arrived: Congratulations, Matt 🙂

  • @goonix


    Even better than a real spambot – good stuff guys, even if I did have to ask first 😉

  • StephenR

    @Matt Nolan

    Indeed, I was out of line even to put such a position forward.

  • @StephenR

    LOL 😀