The Herald on compulsion

Their case is so compelling, they don’t need to actually make it.

Also, rewriting the start for kicks I find

So compelling is the case for slavery that it is a mystery why the Government is setting up yet another working group [ed “so compelling is the case”  WTF, did Yoda write this – actually that would be “so compelling the case is” wouldn’t it].

It needs only look at the New World, where the concept has proved so successful over recent centuries that almost two-thirds of landowners now support an increase in slavery rates.

Trekking down the same path here will address a number of pressing issues. In reality, it is not a question of whether there should be slavery but when and how it should be introduced.

Yes, the slavery comparison is excessive.  But compulsory superannuation is a forceful, ill conceived, idea.  Expect more ranting next week – I might even go into a little more detail 😉