Brief thoughts on NZ’s debt position

On Saturday I had an article in the Dominion Post on New Zealand’s debt levels, and why I think we need to spend a bit of time thinking about “why” this level of debt arose before yelling out for things like compulsory superannuation.  My conclusion was:

This issue deserves a much more in-depth analysis then the quick look over the statistics I have provided here.  It requires time looking over the data and trying to understand where there is a distortion in the market, either resulting from market or government policy failure.  Then any savings policies that are introduced should be based on our analysis of these distortions – not on the eagerness of fund managers to receive funds from compulsory savings schemes.

The article is here.  If anyone wants to quote from it or any such, please attribute it to the Dominion Post.

If you merely want to discuss it with me, do so in the comments.  Note, I am very tied down at the moment, so it will be a while till I respond to comments – however, in time I will 😛