All I want for Christmas is … cash?

So says an article on Stuff.

This makes sense to me, after all having the means to buy what you value the most is useful.  In fact, this is incredibly relevant for my article in the Dom Post tomorrow 😉

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  1. Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez says:

    “Considering the economic climate, this wasn’t surprising, managing director Jacqueline Ireland said.”

    Question: in what kind of economic climate would people prefer home-made gifts over cash?

  2. Max Shapiro
    Max Shapiro says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that cash is the most useful present. The actions of the US Federal Reserve could very well lead to the inflation of the monetary supply of currencies all over the world. Cash deprecities, many tangible assets do not.

    So to answer your question, during a high inflation period, getting a tangible item as a gift would be preferable to cash. Who would have wanted cash as a gift during the Weimark inflation in Germany?

  3. Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez says:

    Ah, the Weimar Republic – the Godwin’s Law equivalent for talking about inflation. 😉

    I don’t think that really answers my question though. A cash gift can easily be turned into goods – in fact I would’ve thought that was the point. Similarly, a bad purchased gift can at least be turned into cash through TradeMe. But a bad home-made gift, you’re stuck with. I can imagine an economic climate where the givers favour home-made gifts… but the receivers?

  4. Katten
    Katten says:

    Skelbimai is right, but from a ‘freedom’ point of view I love getting cash! You know the awkward silence when people ask you what you want….. and you just don’t know… Getting a crisp note would be perfect! 😀

  5. Electrician Elwood
    Electrician Elwood says:

    Everyone need money.but in my opinion I don’t like to accept cash as gift.When we spend the money,it will be over.I would like to take and give presents which are remembered for a long period.It is my personal opinion only.

  6. Sabrina Toss
    Sabrina Toss says:

    A crisp note will definitely be great this time but there are some instances that we should consider like the age of the person who will receive the gift. If the person is too old to buy stuff, might as well buy something that will be of use like vitamins or some really healthy food. If you’ll give them cash, it may be used by the wrong persons for the wrong use and not that of the real recipient of the gift…just a thought.

  7. DeWayne
    DeWayne says:

    Almost every Christmas, my relatives give me a card with cash in it and back when I was a kid I use to get real gifts like Mr. Potato Head, Legos and Tinker Toys. As an adult, it seems to be much easier for people to just give cash and I’ll admit, I’ve been doing the same thing, because I really don’t know what my relatives want. Receiving gifts is fun, but spending time with family, is the greatest gift of all to me.

  8. Atlanta CPA
    Atlanta CPA says:

    If not cash, how about a nice gift card? Now isn’t that thoughtful?

    Guys like American Express make a killing off of gift cards. You get the benefit of paying an extra bit, something like $5 for a $100 gift card, for the honor of giving away one of their cards.

    What a racket. Personally, I like gifts because then I don’t have to think about going shopping!

  9. SMC Media Web Design
    SMC Media Web Design says:

    Doesn’t make any sense to me… why wouldn’t everyone keep their own cash/gifts and just enjoy each others company instead of exchanging? Kids like gifts, but really the rest of us just accumulate junk.

  10. Ross
    Ross says:

    Giving cash enables the recipient to extract maxiumum utility from the gift by buying what they most want. The problem is, you may not approve of what they buy. But is the point of giving a gift (1) to feel good oneself or (2) to give pleasure to the recipient? Talk of inflation is extraneous – we are talking utility here.

  11. Katten
    Katten says:

    Is it gloating to say I got a small amount of cash for Xmas! 😀 haha. Nothing else though! Hope everyone had a great Christmas…

  12. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I think many people just prefer cash these days. I hope things will change in the near future and the economy will become strong again.

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