There are others who need your generosity

The latest article in the Herald on liquor law changes highlights the support of an unusual group: publicans! They are outraged by the unconscionably low prices that supermarkets charge. Low relative to the prices they prefer to charge, that is:

I don’t know how supermarket operators can sleep at night. …They are cutting the margins to the point where it’s very difficult for the breweries to move. …Now you can buy a Steinlager in a supermarket for $2. In my bars it’s $8 to $8.50.

Matt and I both share their outrage that competition has forced publicans to cut their prices and offer a better deal to consumers. They are now calling for the government to step in and legislate a minimum level of profits prices for them.

If you’re worried about the shrinking profits of bar owners in New Zealand, too, then head on down to a bar and make a donation tonight. We certainly plan to 😉

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  1. Eric Crampton
    Eric Crampton says:

    This is hardly new. When I presented before Palmer’s committee, the damned Hospitality Association was ahead of me. They went way overtime (miserable sots), causing me problems with daycare pick up times. When I went in, I said: “Let me guess. They wanted you to force their competitors to increase prices.” Palmer said (my paraphrase, could be inaccurate, don’t threaten defamation, Geoff), “Yeah, I know a bit about rent seeking.”

  2. Matt Nolan
    Matt Nolan says:

    @Eric Crampton

    Of course the idea is as old as time immemorial, but the Herald article and Rauparaha’s sarcastic reply are all today 😉

    I would also note that its an issue worth raising, since the government is seriously looking at a split purchase age – which will increase the implicit price for purchases from a supermarket and is really just a way for publicans to reduce competition.

  3. allen
    allen says:

    i think donation may help bars in a short time,but can not support it for long time,after all ,bars are profit organization

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