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Apologises for my delay.  Just before Easter I said to myself I wouldn’t blog or read a blog until I wasn’t working a weekend – I only expected that to go on for 2 weeks, but then a lot of work kept turning up.  As I’m anticipating not working on the upcoming weekend I’ve decided I’m allowed to blog again 😉

Given that a lot of the work I do is business planning, and given that business planning is seen as an investment, and given that investment tends to “lead” the economic cycle – I can conclude that the fact I’ve been flat out is pointing to an economic recovery.  About time.

Now, I haven’t read any blogs – I’ve especially missed Kiwiblog, Offsetting Behaviour, Anti-Dismal, and Marginal Revolution.  I won’t actually be able to start reading them again until next week – so for now any posts from me are just going to be things off the top of my head.

I also haven’t had the chance to read comments for when I disappeared – I will do that when I get a chance, and do posts to reply.

The quantity of posts will be fairly limited in the short-term, as my presentations schedule is pretty full on.  Quantity will increase over time.

For today, feel free to just get annoyed about what I wrote in the Dom Post on Saturday – which is up on stuff here (and the Infometrics site here).

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