Off topic: Wellington Phoenix football club changes ownership

This is a Wellington blog that is written by economists who also really enjoy the football.  As a result, given the recent big news regarding our local football club, I have to say something 😉

Terry has given up the A-league license of the Phoenix given the difficulties he is currently facing – and it has been picked up by a consortium of Wellington businessmen.  These businessmen are all in good financial shape, and have committed to a five year plan for the club (hopefully one that is more successful than the original version of a five year plan 😉 )

There are a few things I’d like us to keep in mind here:

  • This change will increase certainty, and improve the stability of the club – this is great.
  • It is a bit late in the day to expect big things this season – so lets just get behind the team, and enjoy the football, even if we are losing.
  • Terry founded the club and did a hell of a lot of getting football moving in Wellington – and we should recognise that.  If possible recognise it with a comment here.
  • Hopefully games will be more fully advertised, so people will know when they can head along.  I’m hoping to see more of you fine people out there.