TVHE is six!

Hey hey,

We are six today, a full year after we turned five.

Help us celebrate by getting drunk and writing inappropriate comments all over the blog.  Or even better, offer us some of the exciting guest posts you are hiding in the third draw down on your desk at work – especially if they are in the vein of “a day in the life of an economist” … a series of posts I really need to add to.

  • Nathaniel

    So TVHE turns six and there is an earthquake? Is it an omen? Does this mean the invisible hand becomes visible today and it turns out to be the hand of Satan? Always thought economics seemed like a religion.

    • You raise an excellent point – TVHE turns six (having started at the beginning of the financial crisis), there is an earthquake and a fire at the university (sounds like it was in or around the library).

      Sounds to me like the blog is the specific cause of bad things. The question then is, how does society destroy it?

      • Nathaniel

        Keanu Reeves

        • Pffft, I could deal with either of them.

          The Wiggles on the other hand, they could be TVHE’s downfall.

  • Luc Hansen

    Congrats Matt. Keeping up a blog is hard and sometimes unrewarding work, and six years is a lifetime in blogosphere!

    It’s really cool to see ‘lefty’ ideas challenged in a constructive manner, and a manner that leaves one with somewhere to go, to boot.

    So I hope you keep it up and, one day, maybe try some serious policy 😉

    • Ha, that’s funny because when we started this blog we felt very lefty and in favour of government intervention. The problem is really that the Government keeps proposing the ‘wrong’ interventions!

    • Cheers Luc,

      We also post a lot criticising the idea of “targeting productivity” and all those righty ideas. I think we (or at least I) just have an issue of government targeting things without really have a reason – or being honest about trade-offs.

      Here is the first blog post, James suggesting banning smoking from places can be a win-win:

  • detmackey

    To quote the crowd from one Phoenix game: We Want Seven!

    This place has been hugely helpful in keeping my skills up, and acquiring new ones. So much so, I don’t feel guilty recording the first 15-30 minutes browsing yours (and others) each morning at work as training.

    • Thank you very much – I know I get a lot out of comments from people like yourself. It is good times!