Article on Rates Blog on inequality

I didnt’ realise it was “inequality fortnight” when I wrote this – it was just an article I needed to do before carrying on the “tax series” (as the next article there is on progressive taxation).  So I’m sorry if you have suffered from inequality overload.

On that note, here is Geoff Bertram talking about the “pay gap” within organisations – where I think he is being reasonably disingenuous, an issue I might go into more detail on another time if you like!  David Farrar isn’t impressed, and I have sympathy for what David is saying (even though I wouldn’t go as far).  Even though I do like the idea of honours and pay being interchangeable.  Sadly I couldn’t find a clip of the Yes Prime Minister episode that has this … so here is the Yes Minister episode that touches on similar things.  Update:  Here is part of the scene.

Also here is a neat little breakdown of some inequality data across a series of countries by Xavier Marquez.  And here is some US stuff on income mobility – pretty danged useful information.

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