Teach someone to fish …

Give a community fish, and you feed them for a day.

Teach a community to fish, and they will overfish the common pool resource.

Give someone in the community a property right over the fish, and they will fish sustainably but will be endowed with monopoly rents over fish.

So surely you see why I’m vegetarian 😉

Note:  I’m not being serious – I don’t hate you for the fact you kill animals.  After all, as my niece tells me, I’m even worse as I recognised the sentience of animals and still enslave them for eggs, milk, and honey.

Let’s just leave it there so I can avoid sounding like any more of a douche.   In actuality the moral of the story is that we want to allow property rights over the fish, but to ensure that we can redistribute the property right determined surplus in some way (while trying to avoid changing the incentives around how much to fish) – as a result lets just watch the MR University video on Ostrom.