Economics themed beer: Hopportunity cost IPA

Here at TVHE our two favorite things are beer and economics. Some of our most insightful discussions of economics often occur over a beer or two…I might even go as far as saying the beer consumption of TVHE authors should be subsidised given the large, un-priced public benefits that occur when we drink. But that’s a whole post in and of itself…

The reason for this post is that an NZ Brewery is releasing an economics themed beer! If you read this blog and don’t find that exciting I am confused….The beer is called Hopportunity Cost IPA (as brewer/economist myself, I’m gutted I didn’t think of the name first!!) and the brewery is Behemoth Brewing Company. Behemoth is the brand of lawyer-turned-brewer Andrew Childs, who is “famous” for a winning “Wellington in a Pint” with coffee flavoured beer named after the mayor of Wellington, the Celia Wade-Brown Ale (dom post write up here). I’ve had a sneak peak of the beer and it is delicious!

The launch parties in Auckland/Wellington/ChCh are coming up soon, so you should get along and support economics themed beers! Plus it will widen the pool of people who get the economics puns on the posters that will be at the venues:)

  • Auckland = This Friday @ O’Carrols on Vulcan Lane (FB event page)
  • Wellington = Wedsneday 2 October @ Malthouse (FB event page)
  • Christchurch = Thursday 10 October @ The Twisted Hop (FB event page)

And last but not least, the amazing economics themed tap badge/logo:

Hopportunity cost IPA


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  1. detmackey
    detmackey says:

    Though I’ve increased my alcohol consumption to a drink nearly daily on Dr Crampton’s advice and against Dr Whatshisname’s advice (my GP), I have a zoo event to go to tonight.

    This is my commitment to attend whatever the next Wellington economics gathering is.

    • Matt Nolan
      Matt Nolan says:

      I will keep this in mind. Perhaps if the NZ government could engender a ‘shutdown’ it would create time for all economists to get together for beer?

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