Inefficient gifting on Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day! As a hopeless romantic it is one of my favourite days of the year, where I hope everyone experiences all the love in the world.

Matt is romantic – but he has his weird signalling view of presents.

He’ll get me flowers and some sort of gift, but he is hardly going to wake me up reading sonnets from outside the bedroom window.

In that regard I’ve noticed something a bit strange about Matt (perhaps Western Culture) when it comes to Valentines Day – inefficient gift giving.

I got Matt a new running watch. He has been sitting there looking up deals for one on his computer, repeatedly complaining about losing his last one, and obviously wanted it – as a result, I can show my love by getting him something he wants.

Now I’ve tried to explain this to him in terms of what he should get me. I’ve pointed out the gift I want in the window, taken him into the store, and sent him pictures of it TWICE (obviously a bottle of perfume) . But he has made a point of refusing to get it. He said he’ll get me a gift, but it has to be something surprising to show his love.

I thought he was an economist, but that is just obviously inefficient.

Of course, I love him anyway. If he got me socks with dancing love hearts on them I would still be happy with him – although that is a really rubbish gift. But if he acts this way with his gift giving, and his strange signalling games, this seems economically inefficient.

Just don’t tell him that he thinks he’s economically rational 😀

P.S. This is just a joke, I wrote this next to Matt and we thought it was fun – but he still should have gotten the perfume.