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Folk addiction = time inconsistency?

As you may or may not know, I am a vegetarian.  As a result, occasionally I talk myself into needing more protein.  To do this I eat cashews, which I think are actually just mainly fat, but are very yummy. Anyways, I went along to the supermarket and purchased a small number of cashews.  The […]


My recent addiction

Following today’s discussion on an addiction study I have realised that I must have an addition. For the last 2 months I have been painfully addicted to a horrendous substance – not drinking (except for this one intervention that was staged about 3 weeks ago). It has had all the negative impacts associated with addiction: […]


Alcohol and addiction: part II

We posted recently criticising the method in which the Law Commission has decided to approach its revamp of alcohol regulation. In the comments there was some vociferous criticism of the BERL report on which the Law Commissions relied for its estimates of the harm of alcohol usage. We were also lucky enough to have a […]


Spam, buses, and votes: A Bleg

I have seen a lot of talk about the “vote buses” running around, and I’ve been wondering – do they really make much difference?  Is it a prisoner’s dilemma (more a zero sum game) where parties have to spend money on the bus tour if the other party is to keep their vote the same, […]