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3G iPhone: It’s all relative

I’ve been watching all the hysteria surrounding the cost of the new iPhone with great amusement. There’s an article on stuff saying the prices are way too high (see the available plans here), a petition to get the iPhone on prepay here and John Campbell was having a good crack at the guy from vodafone […]

AIAL: Access Denied!

The government has blocked the sale of 40% of Auckland International Airport (AIAL) to the Canada Pension plan as it does not pass the test of “benefiting New Zealand”. it’s a good thing those money hungry Canadians aren’t going to bleed the economy dry by taking control of a “strategic” asset. On a serious note, […]

Externalities and Prince Harry

A big fuss is being kicked up about the fact that the news media kept secret the fact that Prince Harry was on the front lines in Afghanistan. Now I can understand that people might be pissed that he’s getting special protection because people might target him. I can kind of sympathize with this point […]