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Are we reaching “peak Jetstar”?

Benje Patternson has been keeping an eye on the air travel statistics, and found that Jetstar’s share of the New Zealand domestic market in the December year was down on the year to June.  This raises the question, have we reached peak Jetstar and what does this mean (Infometrics link)?  After noting that there is […]

Bright days ahead for New Zealand retailers?

With Monday’s Retail Trade Survey posting a strong but patchy result (Note:  Infometrics clients can get our view on it here), it is a good time to ask – what does the future hold in the retail sector.  Gareth Kiernan recently had a peek into this issue and wrote up his thoughts for retail news (Infometrics […]

The Reserve Bank of Air New Zealand

With Bitcoins and Argentinian hyperinflation in the news, it seems like an apt time to discuss what currency actually is.  In a novel way Benje Patterson discusses this with regards to Air New Zealand’s airponts program – and given this he tries to figure out how exactly this program should be valued (Infometrics link)! Airpoints […]

Should we hit inflation hard and fast?

With a hawkish statement from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand yesterday it is a good time to ask – do we need a preemptive strike against inflation, David Grimmond thinks so (Infometrics link). This reasoning brings us to the need for the Bank to make an early strike at growing inflation pressures.  Given weak […]