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Tourism’s changing face

While it is widely known that the destination and composition of merchandise exports have been changing over recent years, less attention has been given to the drastic changes in the tourism industry (a major form of service export).  Benje Patterson discusses that here (with a link to the Infometrics article here). With these trends in […]

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

Last week David Grimmond wrote (here and here): However, despite the great informational power of statistics, bear in mind that sample based statistics are still always measured with error. How often do we hear news items that note something like: ‘according to the latest political poll, the support for the Haveigotadealforyou Party has increased from […]

Series on tax: Part six – where progressivity fits in

I am continuing the series on tax over on Rates Blog with a piece on progressivity called “progressivity, how does that work?“. The short answer … magnets: The long answer?  You’ll have to go read the post.  However, I will give you this here: In today’s article we discussed progressivity, and the complicated interrelationships between […]