Investment bankers piss take

These are real investment bankers (who I may or may not know…). Laughed my ass off when this arrived in my inbox this morning.


Cartoon: The two-handed economist

Another Dilbert (I promise to cut back on posting them – it was just a great set of economist cartoons 🙂 )

Source Dilbert.

Never have I seen the two-handedness of economists and the “physics envy” of economists intertwined in one short cartoon.  Very good 😀

Cartoon: The company economist

Another Dilbert cartoon to complement yesterday’s:

Source (Dilbert)

What can I say – the life of a forecaster is packed with situation where you have to tell people what they don’t want to hear.

Then again – given the success of some forecasting, I wonder if a company economist saying this is a contrarian signal.  Is Dilbert’s company just about to experience a pick up in demand 🙂

Cartoon: Forecasting warlords

Source (Dilbert)

I’m not used to economists making assumptions based on changes in political structure – the business must have an interesting forecast team 😉

The assault on homo-economicus

Interesting article proclaiming the end of “homo-economicus” (ht Economist’s View).  This is an issue I care about a lot – so one day I’ll attempt to discuss the article in some detail.  Today however, I’m just linking to the article and waiting to see what interesting comments you guys have about it 😉

It also reminds me of this awesome comic from XKCD:


Source XKCD

Cartoon: Technological progress

(Source XKCD)

Technological improvements will always be the primary way to improve living standards.  See here, here, and here.