Uni Enrolments and the recession

Reading this article saying that in New Zealand as the economy is going down university enrolments are going up reminded me of a cartoon Matt emailed me last year:)

Hat tip: www.phdcomics.com

Causation is just a mirage…

If I did more stats this might not seem so circular...

… and when you get a bit closer it’s just spurious correlation. If only economists could do randomised experiments like real scientists.

Cartoon: Economic debate

I am still too dazed and confused to provide even a blog level of debate. As a result, here is a comic (ht SMBC):

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Cartoon: Scientific Objectivity


I think economists can relate … (to the first part – not so much the conclusion)

Cartoon: Intergenerational Equity

A great illustration of intergenerational transfers in action:

Source(* Dilbert Cartoons)

Cartoon: Can you believe our luck!

Another quality cartoon from Mike Moreu (Cartoon’s and blog):

Awesome.  This is definitely how it feels at the moment.  Lets hope the wave isn’t that big when it hits 🙂