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Liquor ban: Is there a rational

After reading this excellent post on the liquor store regulation idea on Kiwiblog (which aggregates the thinking of a number of other blog authors posts on the issue are found ,,,), I’ve decided to do a little thinking out loud about the issue. Now, to analyse what it going on we have to ask why […]


Fat tax?

Following the discuss on lower GST for healthy foods I feel it is appropriate to discuss the other side of the coin, a tax on inherently unhealthy food, a fat tax. You know the type of foods I’m talking about, chocolate bars, chips, V’s (I can see all this on my desk, looks like this […]


The regulation of beer

I realise that a lot of important economic figures were released today, however, I have found an issue more important than any amount of labour market data, the regulation of beer.  Now, according to this article, most binge drinkers drink beer.  So they think we can reduce binge drinking by taxing beer, and reducing availability […]