Robin Hood Tax redux?

Here are two articles against a Robin Hood tax:

One from me (also here) and one from Patrick Nolan.

Feel free to comment about them here.

  • The less said about this tax in New Zealand, the better: the more we point out it’s stupid, and wrong, and badly targeted, but likely to be popular, the more likely our Prime Minister is to adopt it. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

  • @Eric Crampton

    Can’t … stop … talking …

  • Kimble

    So which one are you Matt?

    1. those who have a personal and/or professional vested interest in ‘business as usual’.
    2. those who have a right-wing and/or libertarian political agenda.
    and finally;
    3. those who are not aware of the reality of how the international finance trade has been ‘hijacked’ during the last 30 or so years by institutions and/or people who perform little or no social function.

  • @Kimble

    I’ll go with the third one. Do I get a prize? 😀

    Although I’d prefer to say that my conception of reality is simply different.

  • I prefer this idea to a Robin Hood tax

  • Dude I prefer yours.. though you prefer the third one.. lol