Merry Christmas from TVHE

Have a great Christmas and we’ll be back in the New Year. If you’re feeling starved of economics over the next ten days The Atlantic has a selection of beautiful Christmas cards to send to your loved ones:

If you need something a little more stimulating then you can catch up on some of the debates you missed on the blogs over the past week.

The effectiveness of monetary policy at the ZLB

This debate has been going for a while but it has flared up again recently with a disagreement between Paul Krugman and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Krugman has a follow-up and Tony Yates, as ever, brings the theory to the debate. Scott Sumner reviews the evidence against Krugman.

Are we teaching economics the right way?

Aditya Chakrabortty’s radio show on teaching economics drew on heterodox economists such as Steve Keen an Ha-Joon Chang to criticise the current state of the economics profession and the way the subject is taught. It drew a strong reaction from Tony Yates and Diane Coyle. Karl Whelan was moved to write a long, thoughtful reflection on how economists present their work.