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Dealing with debt, financial regulation, and the lender of last resort

Previously we’ve talked a lot here about the lender of last resort function of a central bank.  In discussions a trade-off is often discussed, whereby having a lender of last resort can help to prevent financial crises when financial intermediaries are suffering from issues of “illiquidity”, but are not “insolvent” – however, the existence of […]


10 years after Lehman

I have been enjoying the live tweeting of the Lehman Brothers failure – with a 10 year delay. On the day I had this to say. Then 10 years ago today I tried to provide some predictions.  The terms of trade fell a little more than I expected (to their 2005 levels rather than to […]


Treasury and the Reserve Bank have words

I am not blogging at the moment – and I’m incredibly sorry about that.  I won’t really be back until I can commit to being back properly – which won’t be until I’ve completed a lot of modeling work related to income inequality in New Zealand.  I am not back today to talk about any […]