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Optimal tax theory and ACT’s taxation policy

Yesterday, the ACT party released their tax policy (further discussion also over at Kiwiblog) Some key points from ACT’s taxation policy include: restricting future increases in Government expenditure to inflation and population growth eventual personal tax rates of 12.5% up to $20,000 and 15% above $20,000 eventual company tax rate of 15% eventual GST rate […]

Putting your money where your mouth is

ISCR have just launched New Zealand’s first prediction market. From iPredict: Who’s going to be the next Prime Minister – Helen or John? Will the price of petrol be $3 a litre by Christmas? Will Winston be sacked before election day? These are some of the questions Kiwis may find themselves backing their opinions on […]

$onny Bill Williams and the salary cap

The recent Sonny Bill Williams saga has brought into light the issue of salary caps in competitive sport. After fleeing the Australian NRL for French Rugby Union, SBW made the claim, among many other bizarre excuses, that the NRL’s salary cap was anti-competitive, in that it prevented players from earning their full-potential. Does SBW have […]

The curse of human capital

Consider the ‘traditional’ capitalist (envisage the Monopoly™ man). This capitalist owns the means of production, such as a factory, or piece of machinery, a building, or piece of land. The capitalist uses their means of production to extract economic profit. Times are changing. As we move towards a service based economy, like all other developed […]