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Have you read the PREFU yet?

Below is an excellent guest post from Andrew Coleman on the PREFU – pointing out one of the weird assumptions that the government is relying on to “balance the books”. “Have you read the PREFU yet?” bellowed one of my colleagues as he sauntered down the corridor at Otago University last week. “Of course not […]

Football Friday: Fifa World Cup 2010

Some of the writers from TVHE have grouped together with other football fans to write a football blog.  The current focus of this blog is on the 2010 Fifa World Cup.  It can be found here: http://vuvuzelaventing.wordpress.com/ On the blog they go through their views on the different World Cup groups, and who they think […]

All Whites vs Australia

Tonight at 9.30pm (NZ time) the All Whites will take on Australia over in Melbourne.  The squad is named here (expected Aussie squad here). Everyone at TVHE is very excited that the All Whites have qualified for the World Cup, and also pumped for the match against the Aussies tonight.  So pumped that Nolan put […]

3D = Anti piracy?

As recently reported, Avatar now holds the title of highest grossing film of all time. Furthermore, the film has grossed over $800 million more than Hollywood’s previous blockbuster, 2008’s The Dark Knight. Given that the themes and story quality of both films was equally awful, the only explanation (in my opinion at least) is that […]

Means testing fines: economic efficiency, or unjust policy.

As recently reported, European nations are increasingly pegging speeding fines to income levels, in an attempt to standardise punishment for such infringements. The intuition is simple: a $100 fine to a person of wealth in excess of a billion dollars is trivial. Clearly, there is no (or at the least little) incentive to curb one’s behaviour. […]