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From the Great Depression to the contemporary days: is the reallocation of resources a solution?

Former Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King is suggesting that “Economics Needs a Post-Crash Revolution” in a seeming admission that current frameworks don’t work in a world of radical uncertainty and necessary reallocation. Is the former BOE governor and academic icon correct, or is this an unfair critique of the mainstream?  As a […]

Back from honeymoon and ready for economics

Matt and myself have just returned from our wedding, honeymoon, and birthday party overseas, and I’m eager to post a lot more content this year! However, before doing so I thought it would be fun to share a couple of pictures of our recent journey.

A note on Qualitative easing

While the concept of quantitative easing has received a lot of attention amongst economists, qualitative easing was not as widely discussed. Qualitative easing is a monetary easing program that was used by Japan in 2013 and represents some elements of the QE programmes in the US.  The outline of how it works is well described […]

What is the gig economy?

As Motu has noted, the gig economy is an emerging part of the labour market with the features of independent contracting. In the gig economy world, there is little to no cost of switching the job to another is involved. Examples of the gig economy activities include: Uber drivers, YouTube bloggers/ social influencers, independent consultants […]