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The Economist writes well

On the economist blog they decide to talk about carbon emissions. Everything they said was simple 1st year economics, I completely agree with them. But they say it so well, and in so few words. Now they might make the odd mistake (such as inverting the exchange rate and saying we are 72% over-valued against […]

Broadband penetration

Found this little gem on Marginal Revolution.  It says that the OECD methodology for measuring Broadband penetration is flawed, as it measures per capita instead of per household rates (so countries with larger households are penalized, since people living in the same house can just share a connection).  Now the OECD methodology for pretty much […]

Dairy farmers and their bling

So, it looks like the dairy farmer is doing well.  This raises an interesting quesiton.  Are dairy farmers doing well because of: a) Government help b) The fact that their milk is sold by a monopoly c) Favourable world commodity prices d) Some mix of all three (note you can give a zero probablity to […]