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The Warehouse merger

So the commerce commision has released documentation on their refusal to let Foodstuffs or Progressive buy the Warehouse. They believe that the merger would not influence the general merchandise or wholesale foods market, but would negatively influence supermarket competition. Do you think that a merger would negatively impact supermarket competition, and if so how? It […]

Public sector Health spending

This article discusses public sector health spending in quite a damning way. Does anyone have any ideas how government spending on health could be more effective? Or does anyone think health spending is effective? I might post on this later if anyone convinces me of their opinion 😉

Objective of the blog

The main aim of this blog is to discuss areas where government involvement makes sense. While we agree that the free and unfettered market often provides the most effective way of allocating resources, we also believe that thinking the free market can solve every economic problem is naive and even dangerous. With our writing we […]

The week in numbers

The NZ$ pushed through US$0.79, but couldn’t quite reach the US$0.80 mark CPI inflation came in at 1.0% for the June quarter, taking annual inflation to 2.0%. 11% annual growth in short-term departures from New Zealand in June. This took departures to a record 208,309 4% annual growth in short-term arrivals to New Zealand indicate […]