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GST as a neutral tax?

I was reading a quick little post on Econlog. In it they say that you should not tax income, you should tax consumption. Ergo we should remove income taxes and replace them with a higher rate of GST. The main criticism I often hear about this is that GST is regressive. Now I used to […]

The week in numbers

An increase in the OCR to 8.25%, on the back of increases in food and oil prices The year end merchandise trade balance worsened to -$6,230m The exchange rate broke through $0.81US this week, just to fall back to $0.78US now. As most analysts expected, the RBNZ lifted interest rates. They also said they were […]

The Economist writes well

On the economist blog they decide to talk about carbon emissions. Everything they said was simple 1st year economics, I completely agree with them. But they say it so well, and in so few words. Now they might make the odd mistake (such as inverting the exchange rate and saying we are 72% over-valued against […]